At Functional Training Studio, position is the primary factor that determines exercise prescription. Additionally, one must be in a proper position to allow proper progression. The progressions are achieved through inhibition and facilitation of muscular chains to create non-compensatory movements. This inhibition coupled with facilitation, creates your brains paradigm patterned shift. This is why FTS is exclusively private personal training. We are niched in the fitness industry but our attention to form and the individual’s needs sets us up for success while mitigating injury and reducing pain.

But why the name, Functional Training Studio? A previous buzzword in the industry, and as of late, one that has become a blanket statement for almost any movement that might be considered “athletic.” We are well aware of the stigma attached to “functional training” however, we are bringing a new meaning and reinstating the true definition of function.

Our programs are of intelligent design – It’s not just about sweating, or just about weight loss, or strength training. Functional training is more dynamic, malleable, adaptable, and modifiable depending on the individual. A 14-year old female soccer athlete needs a different type of training than a 35-year old overweight male with low back pain. The direct intent and exercise prescription catered towards the individual is what makes it functional. A unilateral rear foot elevated split squat would be functional for the young soccer player, while coaching proper breathing techniques and positioning would be functional for the client with pain.

One size does not fit all, and everyone is different. Therefore the training should be different. FTS wants to create a culture of fitness that emphasizes durability and viability. To be able to work out for decades. To maintain the fit lifestyle. We are seeking longevity and long term gains versus the short term temporary gains.